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surf paradise bali – NUSA DUA SURF SCHOOL

Fun, Easygoing & Friendly
Surf Lessons & Guiding in Bali, Indonesia

We offer connections between people and nature, people and the ocean and people with each other.

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Surf Paradise Bali

Born on the South East Beach in Nusa Dua, Surf Paradise Bali provides a unique surfing experience like no other in this great island of Bali, professional instructors with more than 6 years of experience not just in teaching but knowing the waves on this beautiful island.

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Surf Lessons & Surf Guiding in Bali

We offer private surf school or semi-private surf lesson, along with the option to pick you up from your lodging or meet at the beach. Surf guiding service is available for those who want to surf but just don’t know where to go.

Our instructors are certified with Academy Surfing Instructor (ASI), Surf Rescue & Surf Life Saving, they will give an unforgettable experience. All our surf instructors have extensive knowledge of Bali breaks, tides, currents and sea conditions.

We have been a collective of surfers to bringing people closer to nature through the act of riding the wave.

Surf Paradise Bali is more than just a surf school and surf guide, we provide the simplest, most enjoyable way to experience surfing. Making your experience easy, fun and unforgettable.

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fun, easygoing & friendly

Learn to Surf in Bali – Surf Paradise Bali – Nusa Dua Surf School

Bali is a surfer’s paradise, various types of waves of different types are in Bali. Small waves for beginners to big and fierce waves for advanced surfers.

There are many famed surf spots in Bali around the island.

Bali is the perfect location to learn to surf due to the high quality and consistency of the waves and also the water temperature which is perfect year-round.

Surf school is highly recommended for people who have never surfed before. Surfing lessons reduce the chance of injury to yourself and others. They also ensure you learn the all-important surf etiquette which is so important to learn early on.

Surf Paradise Bali teaches surfers of all abilities. For complete beginners who have never surfed before, having a surf instructor with many years of experience allows you to ask as many questions as you need to, as well as again inside tips and tricks. Surfing instructors will teach you the correct technique to jump up on the board, how to select waves, how to paddle and catch waves, and how to ride the wave.

We are committed to customer safety, a top priority. Our professional and accredited surf instructors are thoroughly trained and have completed courses in Senior First Aid and gained their Certification for Lifesaving Surf Rescue. Our certified surf instructors in Bali have completed Surfing Instructor Level Two from the Australian Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI).

Intermediate surfer coaching

Surf Lessons Bali

Have you suffered before and you ready to take your surf level to the next level. We also provide coaching for intermediate surfers.

Intermediate surf lessons are designed for surfers looking to fine-tune their surfing ability and take it to the next level. Improving your own surf style can be challenging. With Surf Paradise Bali, you will be able to define your own surf style.

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Our Surf Services Include

Surf lessons for all ages

2 hours surfing

All surf equipment

Free pick up and drop transport

No big groups – 1 surf instructor for 1 or 3 students maximum

Fun and friendly surf instructor

Ready to surf?

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What are you waiting for? Our surf instructors are looking forward to getting you out on the waves!

Contact Agie:

Whatsapp or Text: +62 812 3859 8136


Instagram: @surfparadisebali