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Discover Bali's Small Swell Surf Breaks (That Still Pack A Punch)
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Discover Bali Small Swell Surf Breaks With Power

There are times of the year in Bali when the swell dies right down and it gets tricky to find a decent wave. Even the Bali small swell surf breaks and swell magnet spots like Uluwatu and Balian become lacklustre, unexciting and, often, ridiculously crowded.

It’s these times when a bit of local knowledge goes a long way. From the East to West and North to South, there are some fantastic small swell breaks dotted all around Bali. And we’re not talking longboard only. These Bali small swell surf breaks pack some power.

surf in bali small swell

For those of you who don’t want to sit back and enjoy some days off during the lulls, we’ve got some surf guiding packages specially for Bali’s small swell days. We can bring you individually or with your crew to the choicest surf spots around Bali.

Bali Small Swell Surf Guiding – Half Day

Our half-day Bali surf guiding includes:

  • Transport (by car)
  • 2 hours of surfing at one break

Optional Extras:

  • Video, depending on the break
  • Boat (if required) extra 100k per person
PackagePrice (per group)
1 personIDR 700.000
2 peopleIDR 1,200.000
3 peopleIDR 1.650.000

Bali Surf Guiding – Full Day

Our full-day Bali surf guiding includes:

  • Transport (car & boat)
  • 4 hours of surfing at two breaks
  • Video at one break
PackagePrice(per group)
1 personIDR 1,050.000
2 peopleIDR 1.850.000
3 peopleIDR 2.600.000

Get in touch today to book your small swell surf guiding session.

When it comes to surfing in Bali, even a small swell can make for an epic session if you know where to go. Luckily, that’s where having a local surf guide comes in handy. They’ll know the best breaks and spots to hit up when conditions are less than perfect, ensuring you still have an unforgettable experience on the waves.

Surfing with a local guide also means you get insider knowledge of the area, including tips on avoiding crowds and finding secluded beaches only known by locals. Plus, they’ll be able to give you pointers on your technique and ensure your safety while out in the water.

So next time there’s not much swell around Bali, don’t fret – just book yourself a surf guide and discover some hidden gems!