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benefit from local knowledge


Experience the best waves in Bali for your skill level and preferences.


Bali Surf Guiding. Nusa Dua & Bali.

Surf guiding is one of our most popular surf vacation services, it provides you with a local surf guide who will take you to the best wave for your surfing ability. The surf guide will take you to the best surf spot on the day and be a companion in the water. Our surf guides are dialled in on which surf spots work best in various wind and swell conditions.

The guiding includes transport if the condition requires going to a spot where we have to go by car. Every day the guides choose the best spot and the right hour to surf taking into account the given conditions.

bali surf guiding

Guiding includes

waves bali surf nusa dua Free transport pick up and drop

waves bali surf nusa dua Surf equipment

Perfect for you

We pick the best conditions considering your surfing ability and goals.

A helping hand in the water

As well as being incredibly handy in positioning, our guides come in handy for getting you waves on more crowded days.