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Where to Surf Bali's Off-Season - Your Guide for Nusa Dua East Coast
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Where to Surf Bali’s Off-Season – Your Guide for Nusa Dua

To get the best surf in Bali’s off-season, which runs from mid-November to March when the rainy season takes hold and the wind starts blowing from the West, you’ll want to head East. In Bali’s West coast surf spots like Canggu, Uluwatu, Bingin and Balangan the winds start up onshore from fairly early in the morning and although you can sometimes get lucky with a dawny, your best bet for a decent surf is to put some miles in!

You’ll start loving ‘off-season’ when you surf Bali’s East Coast

Where to Surf Bali Off-Season - Your Guide for the East Coast

There is good news though, as just a short drive away (45 minutes from Canggu) there’s a tonne of glorious surf breaks to suit every level. Surf breaks on the East, around Nusa Dua and South Bukit, are mostly epic quality reef points. There are rights and lefts aplenty, some offering up punchy barrels, others gifting nice cruisey long rides.

When you surf in the crystal clear waters around Nusa Dua and East Coast Bukit, looking in at white beaches, high cliffs and vibrant greenery, you’ll think you’re in a dream.

Warning: it may be hard to go back to Canggu afterwards!

Surf Paradise Bali’s head coach and surf guide Agie has lived in Nusa Dua for most of his life. He knows the spots around the East coast intimately and can guide you to some fantastic lesser-known breaks away from any crowds. So whether Bali’s offering up some small swell days or everywhere is looking huge, Surf Paradise Bali can guide you to a surf spot to suit your style and surfing ability level.

Are you ready to sample everything the East coast of Bali has to offer keen surfers? Take a look at our surf guiding packages and get in touch to book your session.

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